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Sheetfed Offset Ink
  Snow Eagle SQ
  Sky Eagle HQ
  Sea Eagle GQ
Heatset Webset Offset Ink
Offset Silver Ink
Specialty Additive for Printing
UV Cure Offset Printing Ink
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Item AIC Code Description Remarks
Snow Eagle Series SQY 100 Process yellow  Contains no aromatic chemicals, meets RoHS standards and passes SGS test
SQY 101 Process yellow 
SQR 100 Process magenta
SQB 100 Process cyan
SQK 100 Process black 
Sky  Eagle Series HQY 500 Process yellow  Comparing to SQ series respectively, these products are higher in pigment loading and lower in VOC
HQY 501 Process yellow 
HQY 508 Process yellow 
HQR 500 Process magenta
HQR 501 Process magenta
HQR 508 Process magenta
HQB 500 Process cyan
HQK 500 Process black 
HQK 508 Process black 
Sea  Eagle Series GQY 600 Process yellow  These products are more friendly to environment with VOC≤1%
GQR 600 Process magenta
GQB 600 Process cyan
GQK 600 Process black