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AArbor Hyperdispersants

Aarbor Code Appearance Gardner Color NVM Soluble Acid Number Application
A4100 Tan paste /liquid ≤14 ≤1% Aromatic,esters, ketones,aliphatic 33 - 37 1.Paint; 
3.Process of pigment grinding;
4.color concertration
A4300 Tan paste /liquid ≤14 ≤1% Aromatic,esters, ketones,aliphatic 13 - 21
241 White wax - - Esters,ketones,or mixed solvent (alcohol<25%) -
210 Brown liquid - ≤1% Polar solvent (water,alcohol,etc.) ≤20
261 Yellowish liquid - ≤1% Aromatic,esters, ketones,alcohol ≤10 Paint
A500       Aromatic,esters, ketones   Surface treatment of pigment

1. Aarbor hyperdispersants can be used for improving dispersions of organic and inorganic pigments in making inks, coatings, paints and pastes and, for surface treatment of pigments;
2. Benefits:
  1) Increased color strength, gloss, intensity and transpararency build up quality
  2) Reduced resins and increased pigment loading create productivity
  3) Improved rheology and decreased viscosity effect applicability positively
  4) Shortened grinding period and reduced machine pressure lower processing costs
  5) Increased stability prolongs shelf life